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Aerial Photography of the United States Featuring the Virgin Islands

Aerials Only Photo Gallery of the Virgin Islands

View over 10,000 Aerial Images by Joseph R. Melanson
We show your world from a higher perspective

When in St. John, please visit Frames of Mind, one of Aerials Only's partner galleries. You can view and purchase Aerials Only photos at Frames of Mind's location on Northshore Road in St. John; phone 340-693-8560. Opening a second location in spring 2007, Sugarbirds of St. John, to be located at Mongoose Junction.

Aerial photography is our way of life. Welcome to the Virgin Islands page of the website of the Aerials Only Gallery. This page displays "thumbnails" of the aerial photographs. Click on the thumbnail or the description below it to enlarge the picture to full-screen size. You can click on the description to view the picture even if the thumbnail has not loaded yet. With a 56K modem, the thumbnails will load completely in less than 2 minutes.

You may need to scroll down the image to see the entire aerial picture. Serial number and title of each photo are displayed on the image. Then use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

All our aerial photographs are taken with 2 x 3 inch negatives for superb clarity and sharpness. Your monitor shows the pictures at about 75 dpi while the actual aerial photographs are 3000 dpi. Enlargements are hand printed and color corrected in our own lab. We sell aerial photographs in sizes ranging from 16 x 20 inches to 30 x 40 inches. Here is a pricing and order form. You may also telephone your order to the Aerials Only Gallery at 508-295-5551 or shop in person at our gallery location at 3173 Cranberry Highway, Wareham, MA; here are driving directions. We ship throughout the free world.

Now sit back, relax, and get ready to enter the wild blue yonder.

All Rights Reserved. Aerials Only Photographs are protected by Federal Copyright. Reproduction of any kind without written permission is theft. This web page is not shareware. Do not download, print, manipulate, or scan our images.

Copyright Aerials Only Gallery Check out NEW: Florida Keys, Everglades , Miami, and Florida, for more aerials of Florida.

Assistant for this flight was Ned MacDonald.

If you do not want to wait for all the thumbnails to load OR you want to search for a specific Location, Check out our New Search Engine.

Here is a pricing and order form.

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Virgin Islands Panorama * Anegada * Cooper Island * Ginger Island * Jost Van Dyke * Norman Island * Peter Island * St. Croix * St. John * St. Thomas * Tortola * Virgin Gorda

Virgin Islands Panorama
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Virgin Islands Panorama

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Anegada Reef


Cooper Island
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Cooper Island

Cooper Island

Cooper Island to St. Thomas

Ginger Island
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Ginger Island to St. Thomas

Jost Van Dyke
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Jost Van Dyke to Tortola

Sandy Cay

White Bay

Great Harbor

Little Harbor

Norman Island
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Norman Island to St. Thomas

Norman Island

The Bight

Treasure Pt.

Peter Island
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Peter Island

Peter Island to St. Johns

Peter Island

Peter Island

Peter Island

St. Croix
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St. Croix Panorama

St. Croix Island

Seven Hills

Christiansted to E. Pt.

Granard Rd. to E. Pt.

Salt River Bay

Manchenil Bay to E. Pt.

Queen to E. Pt.

Refinery to E. End

Northside to E. Pt.




Carambola Paraso

Salt River Bay

Judith Fancy

La Grande Princess



Recovery Hill



Darby Hill

Buccaneer Hotel

Southgate, Green Cay Marina

Darby Hill

Darby Hill

Chenay Bay

All for the Better


Catharinas Hope

Marys Fancy

Catharinas Hope

Reef Golf Course

Tague Bay

Teagues Bay

Hughes Pt.

Turner Hole

Grapetree Pt.

St. John
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St. John, Panorama

St. John, Panorama

St. John to Virgin Gorda

Caneel Bay

Solomon Bay

Cruz Bay

Cruz Bay

Cruz Bay to Tortola

Contant Pt.

Great Cruz Bay, Chocolate Hole

Blackrock to St. Thomas

Coral Bay to St. Thomas

Coral Bay

Great Cruz to St. Thomas

Great Cruz Bay

Coral Harbor to Tortola

Francis and Maho Bay

Hawknest Point

Cocoloba Cay

Lameshur Bays

Salt Pond Bay

Nanny Point

Ajax Peak

Bouocoap Pt.

Hart Bay

Klein Bay

Lagoon Pt.

Round Bay

St. Thomas
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Cruise ships

Magen's Bay

Magen's Bay Beach

Magen's Beach

Hans Lollick

St. Thomas Island

Harbor to West Cay

Salt Cay

Sandy Bay

David Point

William Head

Fortuna Bay

Lucas Point

Bonne Esperance

West End

Charlotte Amalie to West End

Charlotte Amalie Downtown

Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie, Bluebeard Hill

Charlotte Amalie

Caret Point

Hawk Hill

Cown Mountain

Lee Hill

Lee Hill



Harbor to Airport

Reed Point

Long Point

Cas and Bouoni Cay

Deck Point

Deck Point to Red Hook

Deck Point to Caupet Bay

Caupet Bay

Caupet Bay to Red Hook

Red Hook

Red Hook Bay

Red Hook Bay

Cabrita Point



Picara Point

Bolongo Bay

Bolongo Limetree

Frenchman's Reef

Compass Point

Compass Point & Banner Bay

Benner Bay

Coki Point

Coki Point to Picara Point

French Tour

Crown Bay

Crown Bay West

Krum Bay

Wintberg Peak

Water Bay Beach & Stouffer

Mandell Bay to Picara Point

Pavillions & Sapphire

Vessup Bay

Point Pleasant to Coral World

Red & St. John Bays


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Tortola, Panorama

Parraquita Bay to East End

Beef Island

Beef Island

Beef Is., Trellis Bay

Beef Island Airport

Marina Cay

Marina Cay

West End to Virgin Gorda

Camanoe to West End

East to West End

East End to West End

Bula Mtn. to West End

Road Harbor to West End

Road Town

Road Harbor Marinas

Freshwater Pond

Nanny Cay

Nanny Cay

Long Bay West

Belmont Bay

Soper's Hole

Carrot Bay

Brandywine Bay

Frenchman's Cay

Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay

Road Tour Marinas

E. of Long Swamp

Virgin Gorda
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Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda to Anegada

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda

Parjaros Pt. to Tortola

Gun Creek

Bitter End

Bitter End

Bercher's to Prickly Pear

St. Thomas Bay

Little Dix Bay

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Blue Skies